Fascia Therapy

Key Point Therapy is a therapy that avoid treating the location of pain and discomfort, manipulate the root of the blockage which is somewhere else from the pain and discomfort.A pathway of pain is a line connecting two places in the body affected by an injury: the first being an area of stagnation, and the second being the location when pain is perceived. 

The first point—the key point—is usually unknown to the patient. The second point—the location of the pain—is where the patient tends to point when asked about their injury. The true injury is at the Key point, which physically tightens part of the tendomuscular channel, or manifests as knots at a specific location along its pathway. In both situations the overall length of the tendomuscular channel is shortened. This creates a pulls that is not a normal tension-vector of healthy body movement—put plainly, the injured tendo-muscle pulls on the skeletal system in an abnormal way. This causes pain to be perceived elsewhere, usually where the tendomuscular channel passes through or connects to a joint of the skeletal system, which is compressed or pull out place. The pathway of pain is the direct- but unknown- connection between the Key point and the perceived pain.