Key Point Therapy

Introduction of Key point therapy

Key point therapy is a therapy that avoid treating the location of pain and discomfort, manipulate the root of the blockage which is somewhere else from the pain and discomfort. A pathway of pain is a line connecting two places in the body affected by an injury: the first being an area of stagnation, and the second being the location when pain is perceived. the first point—the key point—is usually unknown to the patient. the second point—the location of the pain—is where the patient tends to point when asked about their injury. the true injury is at the Key point, which physically tightens part of the ten-domuscular channel, or manifests as knots at a specific location along its pathway. in both situations the overall length of the tendomuscular channel is shortened. this creates a pulls that is not a normal tension-vector of healthy body movement—put plainly, the injured tendo-muscle pulls on the skeletal system in an abnormal way. this causes pain to be perceived elsewhere, usually where the tendomuscular channel passes through or connects to a joint of the skeletal system, which is compressed or pull out place. the pathway of pain is the direct- but unknown- connection between the Key point and the perceived pain.

9 Key points = one spine( neck, upper back, lower back , sacrum )+ 8 key points(head , shoulder , elbow, hand, hip , knee , ankle , feet )

Key Point on Head can heal:

- Headache, migraine, and dizziness
- Eyelid twitching, eye pain, protruding eyeballs, sore eyes, and facial distortion
- Inarticulate speech, painful bite, and numbness, pain, and burning feeling of the tongue
- Tic douloureux and facial palsy
- Acute deafness and tinnitus
- Cervical vertebrae pain (when still).

Key Point on the neck can heal:

- Neck pain when turning head
- Painful swallowing, collarbone pain 
- Shoulder pain.

Key Point on Upper Back can heal:

- Upper back pain (shoulder blade pain, parascapular pain, or thoracic spine pain)
- chest tightness
- posterior shoulder pain
- calf muscle pain, and charley-horse (cramp) .

Key Point on shoulder can heal:

- Shoulder girdle pain (superior or anterior shoulder pain)
- upper arm pain
- armpit (axilla) pain
- lateral chest pain.

Key Point on Lower back can heal:

- Hypochondriac pain and lower back pain (lumbar vertebrae pain, circumferential waist pain, or side pain)

Key Point on Sacrum can heal:

- Hips (buttock) and lateral hips pain (upper margin ilium pain, sacrum pain, or greater trochan-ter pain)

Key Point on Hips can heal:

- Pubic, pudendum, and coccyx pain
- Inguinal groove pain 
- leg pain (thigh, knee, back of knee, inflexible

knee, front, inner, and outer sides of the lower leg, heel tendon pain,  ankle joint pain, and pain on both sides of anklebone)

Key Point on Knee can heal:

- Knee pain (patella bone pain)

Key point on foot can heal:

- Heel pain (posterior plantar pain)
- Foot pain (the instep, inner and outer instep pain) and middle part of the sole of the foot pain
- Toe pain and anterior plantar pain

Key Point on Elbow can heal:

- Elbow pain (tennis elbow and golfers’ elbow), brachium pain, wrist rotational pain, tender-ness in the wrist, thumb metacarpal bone pain, and thumb numbness.
- Wrist pain (de Quervain's disease, wrist ganglion cyst, carpal tunnel syndrome) and dorsal metacarpal pain

Key point on hand can heal:

- Finger pain (rheumatoid arthritis), palm pain, and numbness or tingling of the fingers.
- Thumb pain

Course info

The course is suitable for people who are therapists with medical background, and also for people who have passion in healing even without medical background. 

The course will be in total 18hours (3 hours each), the theoretical part and practicing part. 

les1: theoretical part+ Key point Head
les2: Key Point Neck+ Key point Back
les3: Key point Sacrum + Key point Hip
les 4:Key point Knee+ Key point Ankel
les 5:Key point shoulder+Key point Elbow
Les6:Key point Hand+ Key point Feet+review all

The course will be given in English, with a group of minimum 8 people.
Price is 480euro per person.
If you are interested, please send an email to: