As an ostéopraticien, I frequently apply the "Key Point Therapy"
Because of the efficiency of this therapy for my patients who have pain, it is really a valuable completion for my practice.
Best regards,

Michel Creemers

I came in contact with Dr Ya Qian through Santé Magic where I was enrolled in a yoga course. At first I could not believe how fast this method can help people to relief the pain, but after practising it on family and friends, I have to say that is it very efficient. When I had a pneumonia and bruised ribs and even pain killers where no help, the Key Point Therapy helped me to sleep again as the pain was gone immediately. My grandmother who is over 90 years old, could not use knife and fork anymore and through this easy technique, now she can use her hands again, which is a drastic difference in her life.

Dr Ya teaches her class with lots of passion and enthusiasm, she is always correct and strict in the application of the techniques. It was a very practical class, even easy to understand if you have no medical background at all, like myself. I highly recommend this class if you are a therapist looking to expand your knowledge or if you are just someone with a keen interest in the human body and helping out others. For me, it was a real eye opener!

Melina Uyttebroeck

During this workshop our teacher dr.Ya Qian begun with the respectful acknowledgment of the ancient healers who formed the foundation of this work. 

Then with much enthusiasm, self assuredness and fun she taught us an alternative way (to the western approach) of understanding how the body develops certain painful symptoms 

and how by treating the root cause of these symptoms by manipulation of specific key points of the body and the application of heat, pain and discomfort can often be lessened or completely resolved in a matter of a few minutes. 

Each week a new region of the body was put under the spotlight and after teaching us how to find the Key Points she demonstrated the application of Key Point manipulation on her students or on guests with painful ailments who were brought in by the students.

Ya watched and adjusted our techniques and body dynamics again and again until we became adept in application. 

I am confident to apply these techniques to my clients because after feeling the benefits on my own body and seeing the results attained with others I know it can benefit many sufferers of pain and discomfort, especially those with long existing pain who find little relief with other techniques. 

Key Point Therapy is an invaluable tool to have for anyone doing bodywork. 

Highly recommended.

Simon Dixon

Thank you so much for your lessons , your accurate explanations , and your great kindness .

These knowledge will help me to understand better what I’m doing in Thaï Yoga Massage , and how I could apply your recommendations on my patients .

 I ‘m very honoured , and , very happy for having meeting you .