Introduction of Taiji

Tai Chi Chuan is an internal martial art of the highest standard using the qi (CHI: energy and breath) rather than muscle strength, in order to harmonise all aspects of his own life, physical, mental, emo-tional and spiritual.

The study of Tai Chi as the art of living in harmony with oneself and the world.

Your Teacher Lynn

Lynn WEI discovers Tai Chi Chuan with Master Jie Feng Chen. She was immediately attracted by the fine work of this martial art, holistic appearance-oriented balance of health, the body and soul. Her passion for Tai Chi Chuan is also fed by a deep interest in Eastern philosophies (Yin Yang etc). She became an instructor in 2008 to put it in perspective practicing Chen style (as in 24 and 74 movements). 

Taiji might be a solution, if you want to achieve: 


- helps heart-lung function, due to the moderate cardiovascular training exercise.
- helps to regulate the immune system.
- helps postural alignment and helps reduce spinal degeneration.
- helps for maintaining bone density, due to the weight bearing exercise.
- helps to improve the activities of daily living for people with rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis.
- helps to prevent atherosclerosis.


- better management of stress, anxiety and emotions
- greater self confidence and self control
- more flexibility and adaptability to change inner strength
- better determination and clarity of mind


- better concentration and calmness
- better positive energy 

Course Info

Form short of 24 movements
Tai Chi Internal Qi Gong

Price will be 15euro per person per hour,with a small group of maximum 6 people.

The course will be given in English, once a week for 3 months.